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Welcome to the FLEX site!

Database count: 7287 groups/artists, 6980 record titles, 2191 labels & 26378 song titles.

This is a database of more than 7000 reviews of US punk and hardcore records. If you can't find your favorite record, we'd be happy to add your review.

If you want to know what FLEX is all about, read the intro to the original (printed) book.

So - stay a while, have a look, drop me a line and send some reviews.

All the best

A short introduction to FLEX

Here you go - the FLEX website. In the early days of the web (around 1994…) there was an FTP version of the FLEX book - big, unhandy, hard to get. So imagine my delight when Knut Tore offered me some web space and his programming skills to create a real FLEX site. Thanx!!

This site is far from perfect. FLEX has always been a work in progress. I don't want to wait until everything is perfect before presenting it to the public (because chances are you will wait forever). My philosophy is, show the unfinished, let the public take part in the process.



Check out my record sales list on the other site; tons of rare 7”s and 12”s. Have a look!


I'd love to hear these records…

  • Breakdowns - walk in famous 7”
  • Best Of Baltimore's Buried – comp. LP
  • Numbers - stand up and shout / trigger fingers 7”
  • The Blame - elevator shoes 7”
  • The De-Codes – s/t 7”
  • Victims - you got the magic 7”
  • Wormtown 78 comp. LP
  • (more to come…)

Donations welcome!

Total donations: 80.00 Euros Thanks to Gianni, Andre, Paul, Kai and Dirk!! Please consider sending a few bucks if you're happy with our work :)

FLEX! mobile

Check out our mobile version! (see link above)
We're using the Google mobile gateway, let us know how it works!

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