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Van der Graaf Generator I

Unknown source, 1967

The night Jimi Hendrix played in the Union was the best night for seeing what Jazz in Open Lounge can achieve.

The first band to play was the Van Der Graff (sic) Generator, making their farewell appearance, after having played here since the beginning of term. Their varied programme of Jazz, blues, pop and original numbers written by members of the band, went down well in a packed open lounge. They were joined on several numbers by the lead singer of the Cock-a-hoops, who was in top form.

Then the Snoops took the stage, and we heard some good "cool" blues numbers from their female vocalist. She was especially good in duet in a knock-out version of Hit the Road Jack.


The Van Der Graff Generator then came on to play their last, and best-ever, set, before splitting up into two bands. In the end, they had to be dragged off the stage so everyone could go along to see Hendrix. After Hendrix had appeared, an impromptu session arose, with an unknown pianist playing some sparkling modern jazz. A group from Salford University were so pleased with the whole scene that they asked to play here, which they are doing on December 2nd.

There will still be professional Jazz bands, with student groups, on Saturdays, with experimental work like Poetry and Jazz. But everyone will be happy if we get another Hendrix night thing going every week.

Copyright © 1967 Tony Patnik (unknown source)

[This review comes from the Pawn Hearts' archives. The handwritten date on our copy says November 1968, but Hendrix was touring the United States at that time. November 1967 seems to be more likely, which means this is a review of the last appearance of the VdGG I big band.]

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