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Van der Graaf Generator I

Manchester Independent, May 21st 1968

The Van der Graff Bow Out

Since our last installment of our soggy saga, various developments have taken place in the Van der Graff set-up. Peter last Monday upped, packed his bags and returned to the metrop., and when Chris finishes his present course of mind-blowing at Scientology Manchester he's going to decide wheter or not to leave his course and go pro with Peter. At the moment Peter is sorting out their recording dates, which will be early on in the summer vacation.

Nick Pearne, the organist, is less certain about the group. If Chris and Peter go pro, he will stay on at University. Nick doesn't like the atmosphere of the professional pop scene. "This is is not my scene: my scene's something else". But Nick does feel that the group is going to do very well professionally, even if they'll have to find another mind-blown organist. They are one of three groups chosen by American Mercury to plug, along with The Eyes Of Blue.

At the moment their musical work is in rehearsing numbers for the L.P. which they will be making (and off which will be chosen the most commercial sound as their fave rave single) shortly, after Nick and Chris sit their exams. Nick plans to stay with the group through the summer and though no gigs have been planned, they expect a lot of bookings throughout the summer, after they've made their L.P.

The Van der Graff has now established its identity as making the Crazy World of Arthur Brown and Tyrannosaurus Rex look like The Shadows, with spook-like attire, draped drums and screaming solos from Nick's paranoic organ and, when he can be allowed, Chris' suitcase full of dubious wind-instruments, most of which de Sade would have been proud to have on his mantlepiece.

So as the Van der Graff reach the crossroads of whether or not to branch out into the big time of London's underground and offences under the dangerous drugs act, we must leave them. I'll be furious if you don't all rush and buy when their single comes out. It's going to be a great scene.

© 1968 Daviona Burman - Manchester Independent

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