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The Least We Can Do Is Wave To Each Other

International times (It):

I have had this album in my possession for a few weeks now, but it seemed unfair to review it before getting to know it intimately. And it is the sort of album that takes a while to appreciate. In purely mundane terms, all one hears when listening to this album is a series of excellent songs written by vocalist Peter Hammill, sung by him with a profound sense of involvement, and complemented with some superb music from the rest of the group. Side One of the album is by far the stronger of the two sides. Side Two has a slight less serious tempo within itself, and After the Flood does not quite approach the same high level of music as the rest of the album. But these are only minor criticisms of a debut album that rates as the finest one I have heard since King Crimson gave us In the Court of The Crimson King a few months ago.

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