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Peter Hammill
The Noise

Phil Kime:

Obviously not one of the "BeCalm" series of releases. In fact, rather horribly punwise, number one of the "A Loud" series. Hammill with guitar and most of the K Group being what passes for loud and brash when you are basically a composer of introspective music. I am compelled to say that this is far inferior to the previous similar efforts around the K group period. Much of it is so untainted with any of Hammill's flavour that it could, except for the voice, be any number of rather insipid ageing writers trying and failing to capture past energy by succumbing to its most obvious method of expression. Bluesy one minute then canned pop the next, I was disappointed. Having said this, some parts are quite effective: the K Group still know how to perform. Like a Shot, the Entertainer is quite a decent track mainly due to the vocal rhythms. The whole album is almost redeemed by the last track Primo on the Parapet. Hammill refers to the guitar line for this as "a real find". Regardless, it is put to exhaustive use: possibly a little too exhaustive. It moves into an entertaining odd time signature which offsets the fact that it is basically a simple powerchord progression. The beginning acoustic section is very worthy with some nice development. To be honest, the track does sound like a reworking of the title track of Patience somewhat. It is nice however and makes this track stands out on the album. I wonder if this is due to the quality of the other material though...?

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