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Peter Hammill
Spur Of The Moment

Option, 24-1989, page 80:

This collection of improvised instrumental music is Hammill and Evans' first collaboration since their days with the progressive rock band Van der Graaf Generator. Each peace was preceded by some agreement on sounds and pitches to be used, giving the improvisations a sense of direction and distinct identities. In a truly equal collaboration, Hammill's piano, guitar, and synthesizers are matched by Evans' extended acoustic and electronic percussion kit. Evans contributes melodic and harmonic ideas as well as rhythmic ones - his command of electronic percussion rivals Bill Bruford's (and indeed the whole project sounds like what the Bruford / Moraz duets could have been, had the duo been more adventurous). The approach emphasizes the ensemble, rather than solo with accompaniment, to the point that it's often difficult to tell who's playing what. And Evan's rhythmic sense keeps the music anchored to the pulse, never allowing it to get too abstract. This music displays a musical partnership of rare rapport and mutual respect, and some of the most creative use of technology I've ever heard.

© 1989 John Dougan - Option

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