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Van der Graaf III
[October 1977 - July 1978]

xxx Personnel xxx
Peter Hammill: voc, gtr, piano
Guy Evans: drums, perc
Nic Potter: bass
Graham Smith: violin
Charles Dickie: cello, kbds
David Jackson: sax, flute
Van der Graaf II
Van der Graaf II
Van der Graaf II
Van der Graaf II
Van der Graaf II
Peter Hammill III
Peter Hammill III
Peter Hammill III
PH III / Pool Of Sound / [see below]
Pool Of Sound
Peter Hammill III

xxx Discography xxx
Cat's Eye/Yellow Fever (Running) / Ship Of Fools
French Charisma

xxx History xxx

Rikki Nadir rides again! They played several powerful gigs. Jaxon joined for a Marquee show on January 16th which is documented on the double album Vital (July 78), a disaster to him due to recording circumstances. The non-album b-side of the French only single is probably by VdG II, though the sleeve has a picture of the quintet. Broke up due to lack of funds.

Graham Smith:
"...In the latter half of the 1970s he played as a guest on many albums of many groups and solo artists including Osibisa, Greenslade, Steve Hackett and Peter Hammill. Feeling a need to return to classical music he came to Iceland in 1979 and became a member of the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra. Graham has played as a guest musician on several records in Iceland." (from the sleevenotes of Graham's first solo album Med Töfraboga/Touch of Magic, Iceland 1981)

Graham Smith participated on the three Peter Hammill albums Over, The Future Now and pH7, and two tours. After moving to Iceland, he recorded 3 solo albums of Icelandic folk music which turned him into a local hero / pop star. Two of his albums are called Med Töfraboga/Touch of Magic (SG Hljómplötur, 81) and Kalinka (Steinar, 83). Mr. Smith is now living in Bristol where he plays in a local orchestra and teaches violin at a girls' school. He joined the reformed String Driven Thing for a one off gig and live CD in 1995.

Charles Dickie:
He joined Pool Of Sound along with Graham Smith in 1979. In 1982 the band continued as a duo with Chas and Cathy Stevens (viola) until 1990. This duo also joined Keith Tippett's Ovary Lodge and included Keith Tippett, Julie Tippett, Frank Perry and Marcio Mattoo for one gig at Southampton Jazz Club in 1988. The duo was also involved in the first Startled Insects' album Curse Of The Pheromones (1987) and appeared on the albums Love for All (1989) by the Lilac Time and Out There with the poet Owen Davis and percussionist Frank Perry (recorded in 1990 and released in 2001).

Mr. Dickie is also a composer and contributed instrumentals to 6 Big Life library CDs, intended for tv-films and commercials: Folk Roots Vol. 1, Ancient Voices, Jingles Vols. 1 and 2, Short Stories - Themes Vols. 1 and 2. He played cello and keyboards on his own compositions. The albums also contain other pieces that he played on.

His session work includes albums by P. J. Harvey, Jason Feddy, Lucky Bishops, Robbie McKintosh, Julie Levy and Gordon Haskell and the soundtrack written by Andrew Dickson for Mike Leigh's film Secrets and Lies.

Chas has two bands at the moment: Roadrunners and Polygenes. The latter released the album Nine Stones in 1996. Check out the Polygenes home page from the sites page. A Chas Dickie solo album is in preparation.

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