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Van der Graaf Generator VIc
[February 2004 - present]

xxx Personnel xxx
Peter Hammill: voc, gtr, kbds
Guy Evans: drums, perc
David Jackson: sax, flute
Hugh Banton: organ, bass
Peter Hammill IV
Echo City
David Jackson
Hugh Banton

xxx Discography xxx
Real Time
double cd
double cd

xxx History xxx

The unlikely news was announced on November 29th 2004: Van der Graaf Generator will reunite for at least one gig at the Royal Festival Hall on May 6th 2005! Also, the band will release a double CD of new material some time prior to the gig!! Further gigs follow, "as long as the vibe remains favourable".

The classic line-up got unannounced together and played Still Life as the encore of a Peter Hammill gig at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on February 20th 2003. Guy was only equipped with a tambourine, though. This was the second reunion and the second song played together in public by the classic Generator line-up in about 26 years. Probably this and maybe collaboration on Judge's Curly's Airships some years earlier triggered the agreying men to think about playing and recording together again? After a lot of e-mail exchanges during the summer of 2003 followed by a planning meeting in London in September, they agreed to get together in February 2004 at Pyworthy in North Devon for recordings, which they managed despite Peter Hammill's heart attack the previous December. A lot of jamming went on and several new numbers were recorded. Overdubs continued during the summer of 2004 at different locations.

From Peter Hammill's press release December 2004: "I was getting constant offers regarding a reunion, including one from the South Bank. Until then I had never taken them seriously; but now it seemed as though there might be some interest. We talked and we realised that we met more often at the funerals of former members of our road crew. So if it was to be undertaken, it should be while all four of us were still alive!"

VdGG will perform songs "ancient and modern", and further recordings are expected in the autumn of 2005.

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