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The Blue Notes I & II
The Misunderstood I-IV

[Late 1963 - 1967]

xxx Personnel xxx
Rick Brown: voc, harmonica
Rick Moe: drums
Steve Whiting: bass
George Phelps: gtr
Glen "Ross" Campbell: steel gtr
Greg Treadway: gtr, kbds
Tony Hill: gtr, voc
[joined early 65]
Goldstones, [joined in 65]
[joined in 66]
[went to India]
[other Riverside bands]
The Misunderstood V
[left in 66]
High tide

xxx Discography xxx
You Don't Have To Go / Who's Been Talkin'
I Can Take You To The Sun / Who Do You Love
Children Of The Sun / I Unseen
Let Me Take You To The Sun *
Before The Dream Faded
Blues Sound
Cherry Red
Cherry Red


     * Also called Children Of The Sun

xxx History xxx

Started as a surf band in Riverside, California, USA. They changed their name in 1965 and was at about the same time discovered by English D.J. John Ravenscroft (who later went home to Britain and changed his family name to Peel). He sent the band to England in the summer of 1966. There is a story about four long-haired Americans with luggage and gear standing outside the house of mrs. Ravenscroft in Liverpool for hours while she desperately tries to reach her son in California on the telephone.

They soon settled in London and made great impact on the early English psychedelic scene (Pink Floyd, The Move etc.) and even managed to produce two great psych singles late 66 / early 67. Some of the guys got military drafts and had to go back to USA for a while, also there were drug problems. After a trip to France they weren't allowed to enter the UK because their work permits had run out. (The same happened to Australian Daevid Allen of Soft Machine at about the same time. The British customs has quite a lot to answer for!) They spent some time on the ferry to France and back again etc. Finally they were allowed to enter the English soil but only to be sent back to America and an obvious split.

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