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Judge Smith & The Young Offenders
[Autumn 2003 - present]

xxx Personnel xxx
Judge Smith: voc
Rikki Patten: gtr
Ian Fordham: bass
Michael Ward-Bergeman: piano, accordion

Paddy Milner: piano
John Ellis: gtr
René van Commenée: perc
Judge Smith
Judge Smith
The Modern Beats / Judge Smith
Garmoshka, The Sound Experiment,
Rootworks, Taraf de Haidouks etc. solo,
his own Big Band etc.
K Group, Stranglers, Vibrators, solo
David Jackson / Judge Smith


xxx Discography xxx
The Full English
Live in Italy 2005
Labour of Love Records
Labour of Love Records

xxx History xxx

So far only a live project with fluctuating line-ups. The gang and their Judge have performed numbers from Curly's Airships and Dome of Discovery, but mostly new and previously unheard songs. The new material has been described as 'English Chanson', i.e. songs in the cabaret tradition.

John Ellis (of Vibrators, K Group, Stranglers, Rootworks etc. fame) is the latest Young Offender.

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