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The Modern Beats
[Late 1977 - February 1980]

xxx Personnel xxx
Martin Pottinger: drums
Max Hutchinson: gtr
Ian Fordham: bass
Chris Judge Smith: voc
Dave Mitchell: sax
PH II / [VdGG roadie]
Free Art Research Trio
The Imperial Storm Band
The Imperial Storm Band
Free Art Research Trio
[see below]
Judge Smith & The Y.O.
[jazz and physics]

xxx Discography xxx
They made a few studio recordings but none have been released.

xxx History xxx

Judge: "This was a good band and we had tremendous fun out of it. Mainly because we agreed to play no original material whatsoever. We played only early 1960s pop songs and we played them, like we said at the time, 'too fast, too loud and 15 years too late'!" (Singed Ground program 1994)  

Their set list included songs by The Applejacks and Gerry & The Pacemakers. They may also have called themselves The Lounge Lizards in between. Rumours says they had a definite S&M-type angle to some of their shows. Dave Mitchell was a friend of Judge and Max from school.  

Max Hutchinson: He later became president of the Royal Institute of British Architects and had several architectual quarrels with the Prince of Wales. He's still into music and writes church music nowadays of all things.

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