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The Koobas

Underground, 4-1987, page 25:

Re-issue (with a new sleeve and title) of this much overlooked album that ranks among the classic British releases of the late '60s. Humorous, imaginative and sensitive all at once, it is a clash of moods and sounds: The Small Faces' Ogden's Nut Gone Flake meets The Zombies' via The Pretty Things SF Sorrow! Recorded at the tail-end of The Koobas' career ('68/'69) this album belies their Merseybeat origins and shows a band capable of developing with verve and originality when given the chance.

© 1987 Chris Hunt - Underground  

Option , M2-1987, page 85:

Reissue of the rare 1969 LP by on of the few Liverpool groups to make it into the late sixties. This leans toward the more progressive side of the flower-pop Brit psych made famous by the Chocolate Soup, Perfumed Garden, and Psychedelic Snarl compilations; rich harmonies, lotsa guitar sustain, the occasional keyboard and Moog tinkles, whimsical lyrics, linked together by cloying between-song comedy and intrumental snippets. At various times I was reminded of the Magical Mystery Tour-era Beatles and the late sixties Kinks and (most especially) Zombies, as well as esoteric collector legends like the Smoke and Blossom Toes. While it's not overly derivative of any of the aforementioned, neither is it as strong as any one of those groups, with none of the tunes being all that exceptional or memorable. It's likable, just not essential.

© 1987 Richie Unterberger - Option  

Forced Exposure, 13-1988, page 97:

A reish of one of the rarest LP's to come form Sixties England. The Koobas alb is sather different than the beat-pop singles sides of theirs I'd heard prior to this. Cut in '67, the alb is pre-Move Brit-prog-psych-pop w/a few loud highpoints (like the nibtwisting title track), plus a lotta other stuff that's too pompoid to really butter me out. Ace pkg and annotation. Those dorks who think that Odessey And Oracle's a killer LP'd dig it.

© 1988 Byron Coley - Forced Exposure
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