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The Imperial Storm Band
[Winter 1976 - August 1977]

xxx Personnel xxx
Kef McCullock: gtr, voc
Tony Britten: piano, voc
John Hodgeson: drums
Ian Fordham: bass, voc
Chris Judge Smith: voc
Rick Wakeman Band
Peter Hammill II
The Wombles / The Tweels
The Modern Beats
The Modern Beats

xxx Discography xxx
The two tracks The Hotel Belvue Metropol Beach Hotel and Dies Irae on Judge's Democrazy album are by ISB. The latter is the only recorded part of Judge's Latin Requiem Mass.

xxx History xxx

Originally the orchestra for Judge's and Max Hutchinson's musical The Kibbo Kift which was performed at Crucible Theatre in Sheffield in April and May 1976. Later they continued with ordinary gigs, a residency at the Marquee Club and a gig at the Queen Elizabeth Hall with Alberto Y Los Trios Paranoias.

Judge: "A song we were butchering was Nadir's Big Chance. Eventually it became a regular part of our live set. God knows what Peter thought of it." (Singed Ground program 1994) It's an appalling but very funny version of the PH punk song, according to Fred Tomsett.

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